Anna Kazanova – photographer , graphic designer

City: Prague , CZ


  • Kiev University of Culture and Art – photography department
  • Prague College – graphic design department


  • 2003 – “Sum of small moves” (works done during trips to Asia) . Exhibited in RA Photo Gallery (Kiev)
  • 2007 – mixed artist exhibition Miro Gallery, Hungary. Photos project organized by Mediawave International Film and Music festival during trip to Kars, Turkey.
  • 2010 – mixed artist exhibition in “Untitled” BCN Gallery , Barcelona
  • 2011 – The Anna Kazanova Project in cooperation with Strange Party Orchestra

Anna Kazanova Website:

Strange Party Orchestra:

Composers Anders Vestergaard and Kåre Elers of Strange Party Orchestra are a well-established duo from Denmark that have spent over the past 2 decades creating music from self recorded sounds of places around the world. These recorded sounds have led to hundreds of compositions played live in most of Europe, CD-recordings, soundtracks and compositions for film, TV and theatre productions.

In the Anna Kazanova Project, Vestergaard and Elers have joined forces with Ukrainian photographer Anna Kazanova to create a unique and intense love affair between photography and sound. Some themes explored include the minuteness of human existence, fragility and isolation, and the strength of humanity, nature, and the elements. Visual tranquillity is contrasted with light industrial pounding that reminds us of sound pollution that we now fail to notice in our daily lives. A dialogue exists between intimacy, nature, industry and destruction.

Kazanova’s photographs are rich in texture, layers of meaning, and fantasy, while valuing the mundane. Vestergaard and Elers’s accompaniment only enhances the viewing experience by multiplying levels of depth. At times it is difficult to tell if you are listening to howling winds, crackling fire, light raindrops, a massive thunderstorm, radio waves, or the movement of industrial machinery. Auditory compositions made specifically for each of the 14 photographs will flow from headphones so the viewers/listeners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into each individual piece, create their personal associations, and free their imaginations.

  • 2012 - “The Anna Kazanova Project “ in Stadens Museum for Kunst Galloperiet, Copenhagen
  • 2013 - “ The Anna Kazanova Project” in FOTOGRAFIC GALLERY, Prague
  • 2013 – Copenhagen Photo Festival. Group exhibition with 31 danish and international photographers. Curated by Galleri Naboløs.
  • Publications

    Copenhagen Photo Festival Catalog - one of the photographs chosen for the Copenhagen Photo Festival was published on one of the first pages of the catalog titled " The Woman "

    Internet publication on czech art portal - revue and discussion of " The Anna Kazanova Project "

    Production Paradise showcase magazine ( prague issue 371)

    Beyond Adventure Magazine - written article and photo illustration - "Documenting life and Portraying people in Different places" . Revue on India , Nepal , Tibet trips

    Magazine Beyond Horizons - portraits of czech artist David Cerny used for cover and part of the article.

    Photo Publication in Czech daily newspaper Lidove noviny

    Article on Czech Television web page

    Hessa Inprint Magazine Issue 7 - this issue of Hesa Inprint was dedicated to theme Lakes and Forest's and my photo series Mud Lake was printed there